Hoover schools to hire more minority teachers, revamp access to gifted education



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Black Teachers

I went to Bluff Park Elementary from 1979-1985. Back then we were still in the Jefferson County School system. My favorite teachers were black, Mrs. Bushelon and Mrs. Whitehead. Back then Bluff Park probably had ~15% black teachers and <5% black students.

Lisa 311 days ago

Waste of time

Anytime the focus shifts from educating all students to focusing on educating only some students everyone suffers. This focus will have a long term negative effect on Hoover Schools.

Concerned parent 311 days ago

Education for all

Sounds like we're already focusing on educating only some of the students. Hopefully these measures will address that so all students can reach their potential AND Hoover can finally shed the embarrassing need for integration oversight. Those can only be to Hoover's benefit in the long run.

HCS Parent 311 days ago