Sophie Hudson started blogging in 2005 as a creative outlet. Mom to a two-year-old son, she would read other blogs at night and decided to create one of her own. Thus, Boo Mama was born. Read more



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Every high school football coach in the state of Alabama has a Buddy Anderson story. Nearly every one of them has crossed paths with the longtime head coach at some point over the last 42 years. Read more



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On Aug. 4, when he turned 100, Faircloth saw something he hadn’t seen before — cars stretched as far as the eye could see outside his home on Corinth Drive, all taking part in a parade to wish him a happy birthday. Read more


Mike Jeffcoat - Shelby County Humane Society

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New leadership, programs and a makeover of Shelby Humane Society have revitalized the nonprofit. Read more


Edwards had a passion for helping people with disabilities live meaningful lives, providing early-intervention therapy, other therapies and many more resources for them, Brian Barksdale said. Read more



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The Harrises had something else to celebrate on June 22, too: it was the official launch date of Aniah’s Heart, a nonprofit organization in honor of Blanchard. The primary goal will be to educate the community about personal safety habits. Read more



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However, the Birmingham Water Works Board now has three female engineers on staff who hold doctorates in civil engineering, according to a news release from the utility. Read more


Leah Siefka

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Leah Siefka is seeking to unseat Curt Posey in Hoover City Council Place 1 in the Aug. 25 city election. Read more


Mitzi Eaker

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Mitzi Eaker, a 15-year resident of the Inverness community, wants to give residents of eastern Hoover a bigger voice on the Hoover City Council. Read more


Carin Mayo 2020

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Carin Mayo said she wants to put her knowledge of public administration and experience in municipal, state and federal government to work in Hoover. Read more


Essentially, ASMR is a comforting or soothing sensation that people feel in response to certain types of voices, sounds and behaviors. Read more


Nathan Reed 2020

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Nathan Reed said he wants to continue strong support for Hoover City Schools, to stabilize city finances and maintain proper funding for public safety, sidewalks and other quality-of-life amenities. Read more


Casey Middlebrooks 2020

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Casey Middlebrooks has served four years on the Hoover City Council and is seeking four more. Read more

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Derrick Murphy

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Derrick Murphy is the only Hoover councilman seeking reelection who has no opposition this year. Read more


Nations, a 37-year-old mother of five boys, is proud of her father's service but said she is ready to bring her own ideas to address Hoover's problems and potential opportunities. Read more


James Deer 2020

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James "J.D." Deer Jr. is taking on Casey Middlebrooks in the Aug. 25 city election. Read more



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Michael Jeffries said Hoover government seems to be stagnant, and he wants to bring new energy to the City Council. Read more



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When describing the category of his writings, Myrick said there’s no place it can exist. It’s a mix of thriller, suspense, military action, Christian, time travel and science fiction all packed into one book. Read more


Mike Shaw 2020

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Shaw said he wants to continue fostering Hoover's growth in the technology sector and help the city plan for and manage growth and revitalization efforts. Read more



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Her purpose in writing these books is to empower girls through faith and to empower moms to help their daughters. Read more


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