Monique Lin-Luse 3-14-19

Photo by Jon Anderson

Attorneys for the school system, NAACP and Justice Department shared an action plan Thursday night to meet desegregation goals. Read more

Schools 3 Comments

The meeting will be Thursday, March 14, at Trace Crossings Elementary School. Read more


Terry Lamar 10-2-18

Photo by Jon Anderson

Lamar on Tuesday night was named the Hoover school district's director of equity and educational initiatives. Read more


Kathy Murphy rezoning press conference 12-14-17

Photo by Jon Anderson

School officials estimate the rezoning plan will send roughly 1,900 to 2,200 students to new school zones when the next school year starts in August 2018. Read more

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The judge said information provided to the court thus far has been confusing and not complete enough for her to adequately assess the impact of the rezoning plan on African-American students. Read more


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