Two-thirds of survey respondents disapprove of council decision on Trace Crossings zoning amendment



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What's the big hurry?

First of all, not everyone will be happy no matter what happens. That being said why does the city council and those attached to them feel like it is imperative to fill every inch of land in the Stadium Trace area? As a resident of the Brock's Gap Parkway neighborhoods and a HCS employee the traffic and over crowding of the schools make understanding the hurry to develop ALL of the land incomprehensible! Someone commented that many homes will be purchased by college grads with Master's degrees that will bring up test scores in HCS. Could be. However, the opposite could just as well happen. If the area is over built and the school system becomes more and more crowded and scores continue to fall we could find ourselves in REAL trouble. It is common sense. Those same home owners with Master's degrees, as mentioned by someone else, may decide our beloved school system no longer fits into their aspirations for their children and move somewhere else. It could produce a domino effect which leads to failing home property values and so on and so on. Hoover City Schools used to be near the TOP of the list every year in test scores and every other positive category. For the last few years it seems that our school system is slipping further down the list each year. I applaud the wonderful positive turns Dr. Murphy has made within HCS. She inherited the biggest fiasco from a superintendent whose claim of being a "numbers guy" many times was totally unbelievable. His "shoot, ready, aim" approach to problems caused Dr. Murphy to make drastic changes. It seems that the first plan should be a better traffic flow for the current traffic as well as a plan for years to come. After that they should HALT development of ANY kind and SLOWLY, with a master plan, add SOME development. Not just develop for the sake of developing! I do not have all the answers. Just use COMMON SENSE.

C more than 1 year ago