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My guess is that if any of the council members who voted lived in Trace Crossings the vote would have been entirely different. They wouldn't want a hotel in their background so why is it ok for us to have one? Put it adjacent to the Finley Center. It seems to me that the needs of the FInley Center far out weigh those of the tax paying residents who call Trace Crossing their home.

PAt Bennick more than 1 year ago

Trace Crossings

Jon , thank you for all your coverage on this fiasco. We may have been ignored, but next election, there will be some changes made. I have never been "political", but I am now. I will be working hard next time. Again, thanks for all your effort.
Your survey is kind of confusing. There is no place to say "send". Does it go thru automatically?
Your efforts have been greatly appreciated. Each time an item appeared regarding Trace Crossings, I forwarded it to each residence in Creekside.

Donald Barley more than 1 year ago

Survey responses

Just click the "done" button at the end of the survey, and your answers will be recorded.

Jon Anderson more than 1 year ago

You're welcome

You're welcome. Thanks for the feedback.

Jon Anderson more than 1 year ago


Thanks f o r

John Cockrell more than 1 year ago

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