Two more people charged with capital murder, assault in Galleria shooting



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Metal Detectors

Time to install walk-thru or wand-style metal detectors at all entrances to the Galleria. No discrimination . . no profiling. Everyone entering the Galleria gets to participate. Some people are going to be offended . . that's OK. They can shop somewhere else. However, many people will feel safer and not have a problem with it. Unfortunately, that's the world we live in today.

Steve 31 days ago

Stop and frisk policy

BLUF: Untie the hands of Police and let them use their instincts to stop and frisk those that look suspicious or up to no good.
I used to go to the mall often but not so much the past yr or so; seeing a lot more of these kinds of groups. Most are just young boys trying to be fashionable/hip and having a good time, but there are those that make you're inside-voice say, "stay away, trouble." Let police use their instincts/experience/knowledge.
Stop and frisk. If carrying a weapon, give a large fine, and escort out. Majority of Hoover would support Mayor Brocato on this; logical, common sense and been done before (Mayor Rudi Giuliani, NYC).

Beau Bree 32 days ago

I agree with Beau Bree

Stop and frisk, once word of it spreads, would most likely put an end of thugs (of all races) bringing guns to the Galleria. Where are the protestors? They should be protesting this continued killing of African American kids. Oh yeah, they ignore black lives that matter when those lives are ended by gunshots fired by other African Americans, which happens multiple times more frequently than police killing African Americans. Who raised these thugs to think it was okay to bring guns and use them to shoot at others in the Galleria of all places? Whoever it was, did not raise them right. Some folks need to instill better values in their kids so their kids do not think this conduct is okay. Until that becomes the social norm in communities in which people raise their kids to think it is okay to bring guns to and have shoot-outs in our malls, stop and frisk should be the norm. Mayor Brocato, stop and frisk is available for Hoover police to use at the Galleria, and if they don't use it, the blood of the next person killed in a shoot-out at the Galleria will be on your Mayoral hands. In my mind, that will make you as guilty as the next shooter. Mayor Brocato, what are you waiting for -- another dead child killed during a Galleria shoot-out? I will not shop at the Galleria again unless effective preventive action is taken to stop this lunacy of shoot-outs there.

Barry V. Frederick 32 days ago

Not a Good Idea to "Stop-and-Frisk"

This is in response to the reader comment suggesting that Hoover PD start a "stop and frisk" program at the Galleria. This would be an extreme overreaction. Realistically, what are your odds of being shot at the mall? Take the number of shooting victims in a given year and then divide that by the total number of people who go to the mall in the same time frame. The odds are very remote. You're more likely to get killed in a traffic accident while driving to the mall than you are to get shot while at the mall. Are you going to stop driving, too?

So when you visit the mall, you have extremely low odds of being shot. To make yourself feel better, you want the police to start stopping and frisking anyone who looks "up to no good." Anyone whose appearance makes your "inside voice say, 'stay away, trouble'." Is there some objective metric for determining who looks suspicious? Let's not talk in code here. What I think you really mean is young black males whose appear to be from Birmingham or Bessemer. Right? So now, to protect us from the extremely low odds of being shot, our solution is to have the police start harassing young black males who appear to be from low-income communities? That is going to create an entirely new set of problems: a perception (likely warranted) of racism and increased antagonism between people of color and police. That doesn't seem like a very good idea; it would create more problems than it would solve.

Question to consider: How many young black men from Birmingham or Bessemer visited the mall in the past year? How many very actually involved in a shooting? Again, we are talking very low percentages here. Is this really a problem that is so urgent that we want to put the police in the bad position of enforcing our racist stereotypes, just so we feel "safe" in our white, middle class mall? Aside from appearing "unsafe" to you, what have people in this demographic actually done specifically to you to make you reasonably feel like your life was in danger? Is this level of fear justified?

You have a greater chance of dying in a car wreck than from being shot at the mall. Just take your chances, live life, and enjoy the mall. if someone is actively doing something that reasonably makes you feel unsafe, report that to the police. Their response times in Hoover are fantastic. But preemptively setting the police against those who appear to fit a demographic that makes you feel unsafe? Not a good idea. And I don't believe that the majority of Hoover residents would support you on this.

Daniel D 32 days ago

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