State gas tax increase could help speed up road projects in Hoover, mayor says



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Road needed

Exit/Entrance ramp I-459/Shades Crest Rd is desperately needed. It's been talked about for years but nothing's been done other than increased taxes and money. 75% of the traffic on Stadium Trace and Brocks Gap Pkwy are those using it as a shortcut between Hwy 150 and Shades Crest. Brocks Gap Pkwy was not designed for all that additional traffic (was designed for lighter traffic i.e. those who live there). With that additional traffic, Brocks Gap Pwky is becoming one of the roughest roads in Hoover. I used to love driving home, now I have to pay attention dodging pot holes, crappy patch jobs, bumps, all the traffic of those who don't even live in one of the subdivision. And with all the new businesses that was allowed to build on Stadium Trace, traffic is getting even worse. What use to be one of the prettiest and relaxing drives into a master subdivision (Stadium Trace) is now just another road full of traffic.

Brian 307 days ago

I-459 South Shades Crest

The interchange efforts were first initiated by Mayor PETELOS around 2005-2006. When Mayor Ivey took office he scraped the project with little fanfare. Had it been been allowed to continue we would likely be seeing construction or a completed project.

Hopefully this will not be another 10 year effort.

Gene Smith 306 days ago