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Finish 150?

While these sound great, I wish they would finish highway 150 in front of Lake Cyrus first! It’s been 80% done since the week of thanksgiving. Any updates anyone has heard on this?

David more than 1 year ago

South Shades Crest shortsighted idea

So...add a northbound lane from Willow Lakes to 150, but nothing southbound ? So...spend millions to fix half the problem? What kind of solution is that? Yes, traffic in the mornings is bad through there, but by the time you get to Willow Lakes, you're about done anyway. Only one more light before 150. Now....in the afternoon though, traffic backs up to and through the turn lanes off 150 onto S. Shades Crest. So why no extra lane on that side of SSC? That's the side that creates a danger. I've seen MANY times that people have blocked the intersection trying to turn left onto SSC and prevented people headed east on 150 from being able to move. I've also witnessed Hoover PD scattering like roaches when the light comes on rather than get out of their vehicle and do something to help. I literally, from my vantage point on the hill of Shades Crest Rd, watched four HPD cars go three different directions rather than help with the traffic clot. Then, when I turned into Lake Cyrus, there was one of them parked in the unused lane looking at his phone. So we can expect no traffic direction help from HPD and apparently no realistic thought being put into it from the city planners. I realize you can't please everyone...so I guess half is...well...half.

Jay Peters more than 1 year ago

real bicycle/pedestrian plan?

A "bicycle and pedestrian" plan would be great if it included a few ways to get people on foot or in bikes from one neighborhood area to the next, where these adjacent areas are now separated by major highways with no good crossing points! Example: when me and my kids have wanted to visit their friends or get to their school right across Highway 31 (from Monte d' Oro to Green Valley neighborhood), we basically had to get in the car and add to the street carpool congestion, because although the distance is short there is no nice safe way to get there without the car! Sad! Vestavia has had some plane to link their library with Wald park and the school across 31, giving their kids and walkers way to get to these amenities. Similar projects are going on elsewhere. Why do we have to be trapped in the car ALL the time?

T. DeVore more than 1 year ago

South Shades Crest Exit

Having an exit to I-459 from South Shades Crest Rd may help immensely even if only facing EAST (as the Galleria exit does - only exit/entrance towards 280). There is just way too much traffic along SSC and all other side streets pouring onto an already too-heavily congested 150. Think of how much 150 would be alleviated in morning and evening rush hours should that exit exist.... but then having said that, putting an exit there, would that make SSC become the new 150 in terms of traffic build-up as SSC heads south towards Helena? I know this has already been looked at but this may be the most significant improvement in the whole city traffic-wise.

Raymond B more than 1 year ago


This is where HOOVER needs to deploy its capital. Call Richard Shelby and bring home of the Federal Funds to make them happen!

Infrastructure NOW more than 1 year ago

Hoover Sun