Hoover residents oppose potential new routes out of Trace Crossings



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"The city is very much in the EARLY CONCEPTUAL stage of finding an alternative route out of Trace Crossings". .... "No money has been allocated, and no detailed traffic studies have been done".


They've built one of the largest high school in Alabama on a DEAD-END street, added a massive sports complex beside it, added a large retail section, and zoned/allowed a gated community to be built with no exit or additional infrastructure.

The city should have allocated funds, performed a detailed traffic study, and executed a 'plan' to deal with the inevitable traffic chaos BEFORE performing the massive expansion.

Great job.

Caleb more than 1 year ago

Trace Crossings traffic

The City of Hoover is responsible for this problem! The city council has never seen a development they didn't like or shopping centers. Look at 280. They are trying to make hwy 150 just like 280! No traffic considerations when given the opportunity to make more money for the city! And they want to raise taxes on the residents! Halt anymore development until the traffic situation is finalized.

James Tipper more than 1 year ago

Wetklands protect Willow Trace

Apparently the engineers were not charged with considering protecting wetlands, which the proposed Willow Trace route would run right through, making it likely prohibited by the EPA or way too expensive to overcome the environmental issues it raises, or both. The City had better drop the Willow Trace route unless it wants to be tied-up in environmental litigation forever. Has anyone seen the criticalled-endangered snail-darters in that water?

Barry V. Frederick, Esq. more than 1 year ago

Route out of Trace Crossings/ HHS

True or false? Many of the building decisions were made before most of the existing council members and mayor were elected. If true, I certainly feel sorry for the current members who have to live with some decisions made with incomplete solutions.
The current four proposed roads are definite nos in my opinion.
The new development builders should be required to come up with a traffic plan that allows the new residential homeowners a route out of their subdivisions to 150. Blocking Morgan Road doesn't make sense.
Why should the city be forced to solve this problem created by the new subdivisions? The subject of traffic congestion has been around since these developments were first proposed but not solved prior to approval. Or if so, doesn't sound like good solutions were agreed upon.

Elaine R Fuerst more than 1 year ago

Stop and Think

All of these approaches are terrible solutions.

Why should long-time residents subsidize (with a loss of home value, and decline in quality of life) those that built new homes at the end of Stadium Trace? Put the access roads in those neighborhoods. Better yet, stop building in this part of Hoover.

We've already seen significant change in the ecosystem. More wildlife roams our neighborhoods now, as they are displaced from their previous natural habitat. The idea of destroying the walking trails in Trace Crossings, and destroying the waterways and creeks that flow into the Cahaba River is simple madness.

All that to save 10 minutes for people on their commute? They knew what and where they were buying. So again, why should long-time residents fund their convenience with the ruination of our neighborhoods?

Rick more than 1 year ago

complete failure of zoning/planning

When the LARGE area of land was allowed to be zoned for some much residential development a LONG time ago, it should have bee obvious that another access road would be needed. It seems like traffic engineers are hired to come up with an answer that developers like, whether its realistic or not. And eventually nobody can move around, like on US 280.

T. DeVore more than 1 year ago