City unveils four options for new Trace Crossings connector to John Hawkins Parkway



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Isn't it odd that . . .

So many have commented on the "dead end street" (Stadium Trace) but no one seems to be interested in extending that dead end street to Morgan Road. That should have been done YEARS AGO! Why is the subject "off limits?"

G. Ettinu more than 1 year ago

Trace Crossings

First of all let us thank Jon Anderson of the Hoover Sun for giving all of us such detailed information about these options. Judy and I have lived in Hoover for over 40 years and have always been dismayed over the lack of traffic planning especially for the Trace Crossing area. None of these plans will work except the most expensive and that is due to a lack of foresight by those in the city that have allowed this situation to get to this point. We live in Trace Crossings and if we’re not for the courtesy of the drivers that past our street it would be difficult to get out of our street onto Brooks Gap road. Please do the right thing for all of us that use Stadium Trace and Brock’s Gap many times a day. Thanks

Jim Hollimam more than 1 year ago

Are these decisions being made by folks who don't live here?

I live in Trace Crossing, Creekside subdivision. Here's the real problem. Half of the traffic going into and out of Trace Crossings don't actually live here. They use the road (Stadium Trace and Brocks Gap Pkwy) as a short-cut between Hwy 150 and Shades Crest Rd. I drive it everyday and here's a breakdown of what actually happens. Going into Trace Crossings from Hwy 150, 50% of traffic will EITHER turn left at Stadium Trace/Brocks Gap traffic light towards Hoover High School & residential area OR go straight through the light towards the Stadium and Blackridge area. The other 50% of the traffic will turn right at Stadium Trace & Brocks Gap Pkwy. Of that 50%, half of them turn into the various subdivision and the other half will drive straight thru to Shades Crest Rd. That means, 25% of the traffic on Stadium Trace (50% of traffic on Brocks Gap Pkwy) is just traffic using it to get between Hwy 150 to Shades Crest Rd. What would truly help is a ramp interchange on I-459 to Shades Crest Rd. This would also relieve a lot of the congestion on Hwy 150 as a lot of that traffic is trying to get to and from Shades Crest Rd.

Brian Bartram more than 1 year ago


My comment is superfluous the damage has already been done. Thankfully, I don't live in one of the effected neighborhoods. The other comments are spot on. How do you build several thousand homes at the end of a dead end street and NOT see the emerging problem? You must pass THREE schools to get out of these neighborhoods! Government can never see pass the immediate tax dollar (property taxes per home) to see the total impact of a development to it's citizens.

Doug Smith more than 1 year ago


“It would have been advantageous if the largest high school in Alabama had not been built on a dead-end street,” he said. Exactly. Its amazing how all the development gets approved in the first place with only one major way in and out like Stadium Trace Parkway.

Todd DeVore more than 1 year ago

Don’t ruin people’s neighborhoods because you overbuilt and didn’t plan ahead!

I am shocked that you would consider ruining a quiet, secluded neighborhood like Willow Trace, just because you overbuilt the Stadium Trace area and didn’t plan ahead. You would destroy our culture and ruin our home values! The least intrusive is the most expensive, but it is the right thing to do!

Lynnette Sefcik more than 1 year ago

Don’t ruin my quiet place - already hear enough of Hoover High

Not if you live in the small area in Riverchase that will get the 1600 plus vehicles crossing behind our homes that back up to the now quiet Cahaba River! We already hear all the outdoor activities from the high school our kids aren’t zoned to go to!

Rob Friar more than 1 year ago


People in Riverchase on the Parkway and Willow Oak feel the same way but guess what, nobody cares. You will get more consideration than we did.

Don Lilly more than 1 year ago

Why not Alt 1 and 3?

Alternatives 1 and 3 combined are less than the other two options. By doing both options less traffic will be had on both routes thereby lessening negative impacts for either option. On option 3 we could have "no left turn" signs during the heavy traffic hours if needed. Two options would help ease the traffic congestion just that much more. Both alternates 1 and 3 are estimated to handle much more traffic than 2 or 4, so they would have a more substantial impact - especially if we did both 1 and 3. thanks!!

Paul Wenter more than 1 year ago

Guess you don’t live in Park Trace or Willow Trace

Unless you live in the neighborhoods that use the golf trails. Then it’s a huge impact. The trails are the reason many people choose this area. The most expensive option is the fairest to the community and it’s not even that fair to Cahaba River Estates.

Homewner Park Trace more than 1 year ago

Alt 3 would be a big problem

Alt 3 is not a good idea. It is a small golf trail that goes in between the backs of many houses. This would lead to those houses having a "stadium parkway" type of road just outside their backdoor. It is also used as a walking path for children going to school because the buses for the high school don't serve Park Trace or Willow trace due to being in the 2 mile radius state requirement. This is also the walking path for the pool, kids riding bikes safely, etc. This suggestion is almost like turning a sidewalk in a neighborhood into a road. Then, take the idea that it literally goes through the middle of the church parking lot before ending up at 150 without a light. I'm honestly surprised that it was even an option.

Park Trace resident more than 1 year ago

There is no Planning

The comment - Councilman Mike Shaw said he would like to see how this proposed connector road fits into the broader planning to handle traffic for Trace Crossings. - is wrong. There is no planning!. The City moved forward with putting over 1,000 homes and retail along a single access road despite the fact that anyone and everyone could see there would tremendous traffic issues as a result. Now that there are tremendous traffic problems, in spite of construction of homes being less than half complete, the City is looking for something to "fix" a problem that everyone BUT the City saw coming. I just hope these folks remember there is an election soon and the empty promises that were made during the last elections will have consequences. I sure hope they haven't gotten comfortable at City Hall

Darrin Abernathy more than 1 year ago

Hoover Sun