Hoover mayor won't support recent road connection options for Trace Crossings



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Seems Brocato is fixated on . . .

South Shades Crest Road. Why? Extend Stadium Trace to Morgan Road and many of the problems will be solved. Should have been done 20 years ago. How could something that obvious have been overlooked? Why is Stadium Trace being protected? IT'S A FOUR-LANE, DIVIDED HIGHWAY yet every "plan" for the Morgan Road end of it seems to be designed to restrict traffic instead of moving it along. Additionally, the new retail center at 150 appears to have added another mill stone around the neck of traffic flow. Talk about making matters worse - Traffic signal pollution is a real problem! And, there's gonna be another one on the Mayor's favorite road soon . . . But, that's just another opportunity for Tim and the boys to "coordinate" . . . But, it seems obvious that such coordination is done for the benefit of some traffic at the expense of the remainder. Traffic signal pollution? I give you the light at Lake Crest and 150! 20+ hours a day, it's nothing more than a waste of resources.

G Ettinu more than 1 year ago

Something HAS to be done..

as someone that lives off of Brock's gap in Trace Crossings, I don't understand why only WE have to bear the brunt of the traffic. EVERYONE is on Metropolitan parkway...and we pay the price.. The other neighborhoods can get over it if there's no other answer. I don't know why no one thought of this before building the new neighborhoods!! Hello city council!?

Leigh Oncale more than 1 year ago


I know it's extremely expensive, but one solution I don't hear mentioned is to build a third high school. That would relieve a lot of traffic in the Stadium Trace area.

Meredith more than 1 year ago

Trace Crossings Roadways

Please understand that where the words “City Officials “ are used it is referring to the Mayor’s Administrative staff. No the City Council.

Gene Smith more than 1 year ago

Why I voted for Mayor Brocato!!

Thank you Mayor Brocato for thinking long-term and big picture!!!!

Liz Willoughby more than 1 year ago