Hoover mayor, council candidates differentiate themselves at election forum



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Why is SGM (Retired) Holt in uniform?

All who have served are proud of their service. The Department of Defense however strives to stay out of the political realm, so much so that unlike most other countries, our American servicemen are prohibited from political activity while wearing a uniform (even when retired) because it reflects negatively against the armed forces.
This prohibition against political activity in uniform is easy to research, clear, and hasn't changed since SGM (R) Holt was still in the service. He should be proud of his service, but this is a lapse of judgment, and a violation of Department of Defense Instruction:
2.6.4. All members of the Armed Forces, including active duty members, members of the reserve component not on active duty, and retired members, are prohibited from wearing military uniforms at political campaign or election events. This prohibition is not applicable to the provision of joint Armed Forces color guards at the opening ceremonies of the national conventions of the Republican, Democratic, and other political parties formally recognized by the Federal Election Commission.
Current as of: August 28, 2015

Please keep our men and women of the Armed Services out of the political fray. The rationale is simple, wearing a uniform to an inherently political event infers DoD endorsement of a candidate or issue. It is black and white, and detracts from your message to every other veteran who cares about the rules.

S Treanor more than 3 years ago

Thanks Jon

A couple of points that stuck out to me:

Steve McClinton seems like a one trick pony with SCHOOLS his only focus. The comment about the only candidate to trust his kids at Hoover City Schools? Hoover City Schools didn't exist when the their other candidates children started school.

Mayor Ivey seemed like he had been drinking with glossy eyes and rambling. He was incoherent. I didn't know much about our Mayor until attending last night. I was really surprised that this is the man who has been running our City.

I thought Frank Brocato was the clear choice based on what I saw.

As for the woman's comments on diversity. Everybody wants to see more women and minorities, but they have to step up and run for office. Derrick Murphy has been a true leader in the community. He is a shining example of what someone with the right attitude and strong work mentality can do. It would be a travesty if he was not elected.

One thing that really bugged me last night was when Steve McClinton corrected Fran Brocato saying that you don't "manage" employees - you "lead" them. All I could think about was the saying, "anyone can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk."

Brocato appears to have walked the walk. So has Derrick Murphy. For that reason, they both will be getting my vote.

Steve more than 3 years ago