Hoover council turns down proposal for international SoccerEx convention



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Not all that cut and dry

Whilst I respect the decision I do feel that an international convention of this magnitude wasn't such a bad deal for what appears to be around $800k. The Finley center needs marque events to showcase the facility and surrounding area and SoccerEx is definitely a step above anything we have had so far. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and in the end we are still a regional force and not a National or even International force that we could have grown towards. BTW - Soccer is huge in this community and State - check out the soccer fields around Hoover any night of the week if you don't believe me.

Mark more than 2 years ago

What a scam

Thank goodness there was a mayor and some councilmen with some sense. Nothing about this "great opportunity" makes any sense at all. I can't believe anybody woukd fall for such garbage, especially three of our city councilmen.

Will Baker more than 2 years ago

All talk and no walk

very well written article. No one in this city takes soccer seriously. Every dime goes into football or some other sport. the counsel talks about how soccer is taking off and that they want to embrace it but they are full of garbage. Our soccer club is losing players left and right to other cities. It's a shame. so much potential. By the time they have the fields ready at the new complex they won't have any players to play on them. This would have been awesome exposure. What a wasted opportunity.

Bill more than 2 years ago

What a great opportunity lost. We pray for such to come aound again.

If all had gone to Manchester,perhaps there could have been a better understanding. What a great loss of opportunity that does not come often.

Dr Margaret more than 2 years ago