John Lyda

Hoover City Council 9-17-18

Photo by Jon Anderson

Some council members voiced concerns about the increase in spending in the budget, but a majority said they felt the spending was justified for a growing city with growing needs. more

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Hoover employee milestones 2017

Photo courtesy of Lance Shores/City of Hoover

The proposed new pay scale would give raises to all employees, increase the maximum amount they can earn in the future and cost the city about $1.5 million more in the coming fiscal year, city officials said. more


Hoover council 7-10-18

Photo by Jon Anderson

The council also voted down a proposal to raise residential rental and lease taxes for apartments and rental homes. more

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Hoover council 5-3-18

Photo by Jon Anderson

Some council members say they think more research needs to be done before action is taken and pressed for more cuts to expenses. more

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Hoover City Council 10-19-17

Photo by Jon Anderson

The mayor and some council members said they weren't comfortable paying more than $500,000 to be able to host the convention next year. more

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  • HV-EVENT-HydrangeasUndertheStars2017-28.jpg

    Emily Featherston

    Councilman John Lyda leads the live auction at Hydrangeas Under the Stars, despite having a foot in a boot. The 2017 event took place on Saturday, June 10

  • HV-EVENT-HydrangeasUndertheStars2017-30.jpg

    Emily Featherston

    City Councilman John Lyda served as auctioneer at Hydrangeas Under the Stars on Saturday, June 10, 2017.

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