Hoover council OKs city's first 'open container' entertainment district



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Big Mistake

You just added a major burden to our overworked Police Department. Because of this decision, my family and I will not be visiting any businesses in Stadium Trace Village after dark. And we will reconsider voting for any council member who voted for this.

Meredith 69 days ago

Why Not at Patton Creek?

Why was Patton Creek not considered for this? It's layout/streets are a much better fit for this type of environment. Let alone, it's empty and is in much need of a boost.

Silence Dogood 70 days ago

Open containers

How could the council be so irresponsible?

James Marshall 70 days ago

Entertainment district in hoover

I am in the opposed camp for the open container resolution just passed by the council. I agree that having entertainment is very different from the open container aspect. I am very disappointed that these types of decisions are made without the input of residents. When we are having a very difficult time digesting the shootings at the Galleria, I feel that this is only going to attract more trouble. And self-policing? If people can't wear their masks, how will they self-police on drinking? We are happy to have new restaurants in the neighborhood, but making this into a potential for all sorts of police incidents will keep those of us with the ability to frequent these establishments away. Maybe we should clean up some of the other issues before we add to them.

Sally A MacDonald 70 days ago

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