Committee seeks to establish arts board, new home for Artists on the Bluff



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Arts in Hoover

It is time for Hoover to offer more activities for those not interested in sports. We need to look at amenities that will draw new businesses to our city. All major cities have vibrant arts communities. It is time for a committee to develop a strategic plan for the arts.

Frank Hrabe more than 2 years ago

A home for Artists on the Bluff

I love this idea! I have been very troubled about losing the thriving arts presence in Bluff Park, so this might be a win-win situation for both the arts and the members of Chapel in the Pines. The parking would also be much improved.

Alice Singleton more than 2 years ago

A Home for Artists on the Bluff

This sounds like a very promising beginning to something great for the entire City of Hoover and an alliance for the extremely talented art community in our area. I have worked with these artists and art groups for 35 years and experienced the need for such a facility--especially since AOTB is being compromised. Here's hoping to move forward!!!

Winnie Cooper more than 2 years ago