Capers on Park Avenue closing; Artists on the Bluff staying



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Bluff Park loves Capers!

We miss you. Hope you can relocate close by.

Paul and Judy Morton 343 days ago


We vote for Shades Mtn Plaza! So convenient and loads of parking. Hope it works out for that location. We will follow you where ever you go. Make it Capers of BP.

Ray + Nancy Deadman more than 1 year ago


Jay and Lynn,
Such a shame you have to relocate but we will follow you wherever you land. Been with U since Riverchase CC and Alabaster. Always delicious with the very best service from your forever staff! Thanks for serving BP and Hoover for the last 2 years. Please stay close by!

Pam Roberts more than 1 year ago


Come to Helena

DAlford more than 1 year ago


Jay Roberson,
No doubt you will flourish no matter where you go. I can't wait to watch your new adventure unfold. What a loss for Bluff Park.

Julie more than 1 year ago


No one could work harder than Chef Jay to make this work. Outstanding food, great service! Al the best to you Chef Jay and Lynn!

Thomas Waters more than 1 year ago

Shades mtn plaza

Shades mtn plaza would still be close and had much more available parking.... and lots of available space...

Andrea more than 1 year ago

Great food!

We will follow you anywhere ! I vote Vestavia! Yes, better parking would be great. Thank you for caring for your customers above all else.

Peggy Little more than 1 year ago


Such a wonderful place to meet friends for lunch . Food is delicious and fresh. Please let me know where go next. You will be missed🍮🥗

Carolyn Hull more than 1 year ago


so sad but once again that bluff park does not want to grow or encourage any business for some odd reason I love Capers and will follow them where ever they go

jennifer whittier more than 1 year ago


Just another nail in the coffin of eating options in Bluff Park.

Laurens Cotten more than 1 year ago

Way to go Hoover schools

You bring a good meat and 3 restaurant into the area, it's wildly successful, and now you are forcing it out. Makes soooo much sense. Would you rather have a tenant that brings people and revenue into the area or force it out for utility cost? Yet you can give the Hoover school system 6 acres around the high school to make a second entrance (admittedly that's needed) when you could sell that land and make millions. SMH

Robin Burgess more than 1 year ago

Love Capers

I will be following Capers! where ever they relocate. The food is wonderful and I hate to see them more. Just let me know the new location.

Harriet Blackman more than 1 year ago

Stay in Bluff Park

WE love you! Stay in BP!

Sherri K Griffin more than 1 year ago

June 2018