International Park Lot 7

Map courtesy of city of Hoover

The council did rezone 11 acres in International Park from office use to commercial use but turned down a request to put apartments on the top two floors of a three-story building. more


HSUN-BIZ Publix site plan.jpg

Site plan provided by Birmingham Councilman Jay Roberson.

Ross Bridge residents have been wishing for a grocery store in their community for years, and now many are happy to see a Publix proposed nearby. more


Ross Bridge residents have been asking for a grocery store in or near their community for years, and that part of Birmingham has been considered a "food desert" due to lack of grocery options. more


Publix theft suspect

Hoover Police Department

Hoover police are looking for information in connection to a theft at the Doug Baker Boulevard Publix. more


Jaricko Deon Hooks

Photo courtesy of the Hoover Police Department.

Hoover detectives arrested a suspect in the Jan. 31 robbery of an 86-year-old customer at Publix in Hoover Court. more


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Hoover Sun September 2018