cell phone tower


Photo by Jon Anderson

The new tower should greatly enhance cell service at the complex and nearby schools, homes and businesses, AT&T officials said. Read more

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Greystone cell tower 1

Photo by Jon Anderson

The change is being sought so Verizon Wireless can improve its service in the Greystone area. Read more


Hoover cell tower

Photo by Jon Anderson

Fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks require more, but smaller cell towers, Councilman Mike Shaw said. Read more

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Blackridge cell tower map

Map courtesy of city of Hoover

The tower will be just south of the Lake Wilborn community being built at the end of Stadium Trace Parkway. Read more


Andy Rotenstrick

Photo by Erica Techo

The proposed tower will be a 190-foot-tall monopole with a 9-foot lightning rod on top. Read more


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