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The injury was non-life-threatening, Hoover police said. Read more

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Steve Marshall

Photo from Alabama Attorney General's Office website

Attorney General Steve Marshall said Jefferson County District Attorney Danny Carr has acknowledged potential perceived conflicts of interest. Read more


Meanwhile, attorney Ben Crump has continued criticizing authorities for not releasing video footage. Read more


Erron Brown

Photo from Jefferson County Jail

The attorney for the Bessemer man accused of shooting an 18-year-old Birmingham man at the mall wants videos from both shootings that took place. Read more


Crump press conference 12-3-18 (1)

Photo by Jon Anderson

"E.J. Bradford Jr. was shot three times from behind while he was running away," attorney Ben Crump said forensic evidence shows. Read more


The secretary of ALEA said it is imperative for information and videos to be kept confidential until the investigation is complete and a report sent to prosecutors. Read more


Hoover police insignia

Photo by Jon Anderson

"The loss of human life is a tragedy under any circumstances," a statement from city officials said. Read more

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Photo by Jon Anderson.

That means at least one gunman responsible for shooting an 18-year-old Birmingham man and 12-year-old girl is still at large, police said. Read more

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