Berry dominates en route to 7th-grade title



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Great job to the entire team! It takes the whole team to pull off a undefeated season like this. The O line and D line did a great job. And without them no touchdowns would be possible. Please report correct news Farris ran over a 70 yard touchdown not a 67 yard. And when the crowd and announcer yelled "He's gone" they were referring to Farris. Just an FYI.

Teamwork more than 2 years ago


Great job team! The most obvious show of disrespect is for Zamir Farris and his excellent run. Its concerns me that this program totally features a certain group of players. Many of the children and parents have shown great dedication to programs and have been forgotten. The same children have been chosen for the major sports that represent the Berry Community. I wish that we can stop showing favoritism and grow the children. Football, basketball, and the Jag Elite Baseball team continues to show that they are going to show that they have a select group of kids that they favor no matter what. It just isn't fair to other kids that are trying to contribute to the program.

Jone Cooper more than 2 years ago


Gordon did great that game he's #24 and the coach was also a really good coach and should have coach of the year

Gordon Ussery more than 2 years ago

Great game

The jags were a great team and I hope to see this group of young men next year #looking forward to next year

Go JAGS more than 2 years ago

Hoover Sun