Poll: Should Hoover City Schools regulate students' off-campus conduct, speech?



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Yes Indeed!

Schools should be places where students learn right from wrong as an extension of their family. Without teaching kids proper “rules of the road” theirs and others lives can really get hurt.

Absolute Magnitude 357 days ago

Annoying - predictable

It’s tiresome to see people so happily shred free speech. It plays the same every time. Advocates of free speech have to argue for free speech for *insert objectionable garbage* and arguing for their free speech is conflated with supporting the content in question. Ugh.

We OUGHT to protect free speech....and this is a legal loser see Tinker case of 1969 establish the “tinker test”....andnthat was on campus much less off campus.

Ellery Curtis 358 days ago

Absolutely not

Regulating speech, for any reason, is not a road we need to tread.

Concerned Parent more than 1 year ago

I vote NO

This is a epically bad idea for many reasons.
1) Let's say a 16 year old makes a racist comment on instagram or twitter. Don't you think that his/her friends and even some strangers are going to admonish him/her? Look at what happened to Roseanne and this girl from Spain Park. People already self-censor themselves to comply with social norms, which is how it should be, and when they get out of line, their social media friends or parents get them back in line. If its bad enough, the social media platform will suspend or ban the person all on their own. The viral video of the girl didn't just disrupt the school, it disrupted her entire family's life, her father's business, and to some extent the entire city of Hoover. Do you think they are really going to care if she gets a 3 day suspension? Punishment by the school isn't even necessary.
2) I can see this being used by people to hurt their enemies. I can see kids goading other kids into saying something they shouldn't and then getting them into trouble just for fun. This will be used by bullies and trolls, and you're going to have more Hoover viral videos and national news stories with racism as the subject.
3) The freedom of speech is enshrined in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution to protect citizens from government over-reach, and it's been slowly eroded over the past 10-20 years. I guess the board didn't read the story about Trump signing an executive order to promote free speech on college campuses. Do you want him to amend that executive order to include high schools, too?

Hoover has been getting worse and worse over the past 10 years or so. I grew up here, and it's been a real shame to watch. I decided to move to Trussville about 6 months ago, and articles like this confirm to me that I made the right decision.

Lisa P more than 1 year ago

Protect our free speech rightS

Preserve our free speech right so that some bureaucrat, administrator, etc. will not be able to decide that religious speech, political speech, etc. is “hate” speech which has already happened in many liberal/leftist cities and states.

Randy Wolfe more than 1 year ago

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