Hoover schools chief proposes ban on cell phones, earbuds, headsets in classrooms



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Cell Phone In A Classroom

I experience this problem everyday with my high school students. They put them on vibrate to where they can tell if they are getting a call or text. They try to hide them in their laps to answer texts. By doing this, the students are losing valuable instruction time from their teachers. I have found students texting their friends from other schools while they are supposed to be in class. I teach at a private school. We solved our problem by putting a shoe caddy on each classroom door. Students are required to turn cell phones off and place them in the shoe caddy. They retrieve them after class. When they are not actually in class they are welcomed to use their cell phones.

R Tate 231 days ago

Cell Phones in classroom

You guys are stuck in the past..... People today cannot function without a cell phone within reach. All you are doing is giving the teachers another problem to deal with. It is up to the student to learn at this point.

Jeff 255 days ago