Hoover schools plan community meeting to discuss discipline for 'disruptive' speech



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Bad Idea

You can't legislate speech. If there is a "problem" such action by the school board will only make the situation worse. Maybe the school board should look inward to see what they are doing to cause such action by students. Time for Ms. Murphy to move on Hoover School System to find someone that can set a better example for the students of Hoover.

Dave T 192 days ago

Mixed Reaction?

I've read every article on this matter and reviewed comments here on Hoover Sun and on Facebook. Out of around 50 comments, I saw 1 in favor of this proposed rule. Just 1. The online poll of some 700-800 people had 79% against this proposed rule. How out of touch with reality do you have to be to say that there is "mixed reaction"? The city of Hoover is decidedly against this proposed rule, and yes, Kathy Murphy, parents did read every word of the rule that will punish their child for things they say in private, off-campus. The intent of this rule doesn't matter. Do you really think that the parents in this community don't want to teach their kids about racism? Just admit this rule was a bad idea and drop it for pete's sake. It seems awfully convenient that you proposed this rule in the summer when the students it will affect can't come to the office in droves to assert their freedom of (off-campus) speech.

L Pate 224 days ago

Absolutely agreed

There is no "mixed reaction." There is a hugely negative reaction. Implementing these rules allowing Hoover City Schools to police speech off-campus will cause an exodus of families out of the City of Hoover & Hoover City Schools and tank property values. The school system is writing its own death warrant.

Walter Kovacs 192 days ago

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