Hoover superintendent: schools must have more revenue or face significant cuts in personnel, programs



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Black and white...

Supt. Murphy has laid it out in black and white. This has helped me understand the causes of the financial crisis in our schools.

J. Ingle more than 2 years ago

School funding

I hope that is clear enough for our current mayor and city council...

Kurt Kristensen more than 2 years ago

Is This Cleat Mayor Ivey

Mayor Ivey, you have purported that you have not moved to increase school funding because Dr. Murphy has not requested such funding. The facts and reality of past decisions are laid out in this article. Are you clearly understanding now or is this still not good enough? If it's not clear enough for you my hope would be that the election results speak very clearly and you are replaced with someone who does see more clearly.

Darrin Abernathy more than 2 years ago