Hoover schools already dealing with capacity problems, adding portable classrooms



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Wrong about Judge Haikala; when did "capacity" stop meaning "capacity"?

I understand the anger and frustration expressed by some commentators, but it is misdirected to the extent it is directed toward Judge Haikala, who "Steve the Hoover Resident" is unquestionably is neither "STUPID" nor a 'fricken disgrace who doesn't care about the students." Your criticisms of her could not be more wrong. Had Hoover been properly focused on what it should have done and COULD have done ( but failed to do) to free itself of any need of DOJ involvement and court approval of its rezoning plans. Others cities in this are have done this, and Hoover should have done this too. Wise-up Hoover, and get it done.

Barry V. Frederick more than 2 years ago


Why on earth are school officials not brought into the discussion when city planners are approving all of these developers' plans? Why are we approving development when we don't have the capacity as families have a need for schools! COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS and less stress for everyone involved. We can say no to development if it doesn't make sense for our infrastructure/school system!

Tiffany K. more than 2 years ago

U.S. District Judge Madeline Haikala

I hope this STUPID Judge is happy with children going into portable classrooms rather than passing the rezoning plan.

She is a fricken disgrace who doesn't care about the students.

Steve The Hoover Resident more than 2 years ago