School officials unveil proposal for Riverchase Middle School



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Best news I have heard in a long time! Hoover has needed this for years as they have been loosing many students due to lack of skilled training and education(Votech). Some parents may not like it but I assure you, a great number of students will! PLUS, "we" can keep them in our community instead of them going other places to pursue their dreams

Dale Harden 359 days ago

Skilled trades

Thank goodness - after several false starts over the years, we see a solid effort to bring the skilled trades to Hoover students. This has been a "long time coming!"

--Suzanne Scivley 359 days ago

Riverchase Center for Career Innovation

So glad that Hoover and the Hoover Schools saw the need and acted on it. Pro activeness on the part of our city is what sets us apart and improves our quality of living. Thank you!

Mary Sue Ludwig 359 days ago


This is one of the projects that is so needed in every community.

Sally Snoddy 359 days ago

Greatly needed!

Super idea

Clark McNutt 359 days ago

Greatly Needed

No offense to my lawyer friends, but what this world needs is more mechanics and fewer lawyers. I am glad to see that Hoover is finally recognizing that not every student has to go to college to make a good living. They just need to be willing to work.

Bruce Gilliland 360 days ago

Truly Needed

If this goes through as intended, this type of school program has been truly needed for a long time in Hoover. I proposed this several years ago but the idea was always turned away. Perhaps now it may come to fruition and fulfillment for students in Hoover.

Wayne Wood 360 days ago