Hoover school board sticks with decision to install polyurethane tracks



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Track Surfaces

I am amazed that you are squabbling over a new track surface. The 5 high schools in the Madison County School System are running on asphalt. I wish you all luck on your programs and glad to see someone has money to spend on a track program.

Roger Perkins more than 1 year ago

Polyurethane Tracks

Polyurethane tracks are far superior to Mondo which has over 5 miles of seams on an outdoor track and can cause injuries to the athletes from spin splints, etc. Mondo has horrible customer service and the product does not last outdoors.

Drew Beynon more than 1 year ago

a wise decision

Of course, we all want the best of everything for Hoover high school's atheltic programs, but the school system an't afford to pay for the best of everything. The school board and the Superintendent made a very wise decision about the new track surface the school system will purchase. Keep in mind, the surface they chose will be significantly better than the surface we have now.

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago