Hoover High School celebrates 647 graduates in Class of 2016



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HHS Graduation 2016

I am so proud of this school and what it meant to me every day for 25 years and before that at W. A. Berry High School. I don't know who made the decision regarding the Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma, but I say here, here. It is something that is long overdue. How did you offer 14 AP classes and not offer the diploma? Great move. To all the naysayers, if you will get on board and get involved, you will know what a great school HHS really is. To the courts, quit making this harder than it should be, make a decision, and let these students, their families, and this school get on with educating the best and brightest students in the city. Best wishes to all of you. Excellent job faculty, staff, and administrators. You are the best!

Kay Kolb more than 2 years ago