Architect delays cost Hoover school board significant money, officials say



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Not Necessarily

In a perfect world, design, bid and construction happen in a seamless manner. This is not a perfect world, however, and so speed-bumps happen. Apparently in this case, delay by the architectural firm resulted in escalated costs due to increases in costs of materials (can you say TARIFFS) and the need for an accelerated time frame. School starts at a certain time in the year regardless of a firms time frame in getting something started. According to this story, the firm was notified several times that they needed to get the ball rolling and they didn't.
I think Mr. Frederick's main line of objection has little to do with the thrust of this story and far more to do with his disapproval of the project and the school board in general.

Jay Peters more than 1 year ago

The School Board is the problem here, again

Don't blame the architects for this; the school board is to blame. when the bids came in, it was up to the school system to accept a bid or redesign the project to reduce its cost and re-bid it; the school system did neither, and it alone is responsible for its inaction. Once a bid is accepted, which is up to the school system to do or not, it is up to the bid-winning general contractor to get construction moving and make sure everything is done on time. The need for this hugely expensive project was quite questionable from the start, and that buck stops with the incompetent school system, which seems incapable of keeping its expenses under control. It keeps crying for more money and wants to increase our property taxes when it should have focused its expenses on its existing schools, instead of trying to add and build a whole new concept of a so-called "career connection center." Hoover kids have built careers for decades without such a center. Remember, the school board could have sold this building for millions, which could and should have eliminated its defict. If it cannot afford what it already has, as the school system has repeatedly claimed, why did it decide to spend so much money to add something new? Only the school system is to blame for its claimed financial woes; it should stop trying to pass the buck to others, in this instance to the architects, who do not have this problem with their other clients. There's your sign, as who is to blame.

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago

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