Hoover mayor appoints Clay Bentley as city's new fire chief



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Congratulations Clay on you becoming Hoover's new Fire Chief.
So very proud of you and your accomplishments. Working along side of you at BFRS was a rewarding experience.
God Bless and stay safe

Leslie (LO) Dexter more than 1 year ago

Hoover Fire

Congratulations Cheif Bentley
I have worked with over achiever for meany years. The City is to feel protected and Safe as the past great Chief's did before.

David Buchanan more than 1 year ago

Bentley as New Fire Chief

The city of Hoover absolutely hired the best guy possible for this position. I have known Clay all of my life and I can say that he is a trusted, humble, hard-working, compassionate, and dedicated individual. The city of Hoover is very fortunate to have Clay as their Fire Chief. Congratulations to Clay and his family!

Angie Barnett more than 1 year ago