Bluff Park resident Sam Swiney to seek Hoover City Council seat



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Short timer

He has lived in Hoover 3 whole years! Wow

40+resident more than 2 years ago

So What?

I don't know who Sam Swiney is but the length of how long he has lived in Hoover is irrelevant. He's young and represents a portion of the population that may be newer to Hoover. Shouldn't they have a voice and be represented as well? He may be a home owner in Bluff Park who made a significant investment in Hoover (with a large mortgage and young family). Mr. Swiney, running for council after only being a resident for 3 years may signify he is vested in the future of Hoover. I'm sure the 40+ year resident doesn't mind selling a 30-40 year old Bluff Park house to a young family for a significant profit due to Hoover's 400% growth over a 40 year time period.

Nate more than 2 years ago