After 5 months in Georgia burn center, Hoover's Christian Cooper is back home



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So glad to hear you're back to Sweet Home

Christian, We've been monitoring your progress from Hoover and after to talking with your dad at the golf event, it comes as a tremendous and pleasant surprise to know that you're home. Know that you've got a lot of caring people in your court. God bless you and your family. Still a tough journey ahead-you can handle it with your positive attitude.
Ralph Chester, USMA 80 and Kevin's dad

Ralph Chester more than 3 years ago

God is Good!

This is awesome, We got to pray and meet you while my BFF son Glenn Daniels was in the Augusta burn center, We also added your son to our prayer list at our church! I am in tears reading this story right now! Miracles happen all the time! I can't wait to give this praise report at our church! I am so happy for your family! I pray many many blessings on your sons life. You were so nice whenever we would see you and we would always try and encourage you, Thank you for sharing!

Kimberly Gardner more than 3 years ago

I'm a member of Riverchase Methodist church & we have been praying for you since your accident... I'm so thankful to our great God for your recovery we will continue to pray for you and your family...🙏

Grateful for your recovery

Karla Hudson more than 3 years ago

Miracles do happen

I was honored to meet and pray with Earl and Kay while I visited the burn center. What an amazing set of parents!! Best wishes and Prayers sent to everyone!!!

Don Mormino (FDNY retired) more than 3 years ago

Great Parents

Christian, so glad you are back at home with your wonderful Mom and Dad! Best wishes for all.

Joe Garner more than 3 years ago

A great example for us all!

Christian, seeing this great news about your return home is such a wonderful way to start the school year. Your dad talked about your incredible faith, strength, and positive attitude just the other day. YOU give us hope! You are a role model for us all!

Dil Uswatte more than 3 years ago

Praise the Lord and Praying Still

Thank God for answers to prayers for you, Christian! It is so good to see your smiling face. You have many "friends of friends" in Huntsville, AL praying for you and they will be glad to here you are going home! Keep your positive attitude and shine for Jesus!

Carol Tennyson more than 3 years ago


So thrilled to have Christian going home. God bless you all.

Connie Blalock more than 3 years ago

God is good.

Christian, we are thankful for your healing and the miraculous stories that surround your recovery. God certainly has work He plans to do through you. Thanks for sharing your story.

A Arroyo more than 3 years ago

God is Awesome!

Praying fervently for your complete recovery.

Colonel (Ret) Cornelius Easter Sr. more than 3 years ago

Praise God!!!

We are so grateful for your progress and very happy that you are getting to go home. God is good all the time! You are incredibly strong and your story is truly inspiring. God bless you and your family and we will continue to pray for you on your journey to healing and recovery.

Patti & Tony Keith more than 3 years ago

Thanks Be To God

I have been following your journey through posts of my friend, Donanne Avery. You are a person with much will and strength. Prayers are powerful. I will continue to pray for you and your family to ask God to grant you continued strength for the journey that is ahead of you.....

Sue LeBrasceur more than 3 years ago


We are so thankful for your progress. We will continue to pray for you and your recovery.

Teresa Dauphin more than 3 years ago


Christian, blessings to you. Wishing you the very, very best as you continue your recovery. And do enjoy that Milo's run. We Yeilding guys know exactly what you mean!

Ralph Yeilding more than 3 years ago

Answered prayers

What a wonderful thing to see this article of you on Facebook . I have prayed for you for a long time ! I never heard the latest news and am thrilled beyond words to know you have survived and are recovering well . I had no idea your mom was the principal at one of our Vestavia schools . I am from Vestavia and all of my kids graduated from VHHS ! What a small world it is . I am just thrilled to heR answered prayers . I will continue to pray for you and for your recovery ! God bless you and your family !

Sloan Dickinson more than 3 years ago

Onward and Upward Christian!!

So very thankful that this article is in the Hoover Sun! So thankful that so many others can read about your journey. I do not know how, but I believe God is going to use this horrible thing that happened to you to allow you to help others. I know you have a long way to go. You have all of our hearts and prayers being lifted up in support! Love, May

Diana Mayhall more than 3 years ago

Prayer Warriors have helped you get this far and will keep your healing process easier for you in the years to come.Years ago I took care of foster children who were badly burnt and know all that is involved in the healing and know it isn't easy and is very painful.I love in Green Valley also in Hoover and don't know your family but I felt like you were family having grand children close to your age.You will get folk looking at your scars but just smile that lovely smile and don't let them bother you.God is So Good.

Welcome Home and Enjoy that Milos.I hope to meet you some day soon.
Just remember God is Good All The Time.

Janet more than 3 years ago

Praise Be To God!

Rosalyn taught you in K-5 and has always loved you! She and I have diligently prayed for you daily. (Sometimes several times a day.) When one sincerely goes before the Lord and begs Him to heal a person,,one begins to love that person! Christian, I have prayed for you so often until my thoughts are constantly with you. Praying for you now is 'second nature' to me now. We have recruited all the prayer warriors that we know to pray for you. Rosalyn and I dearly love you and please know that we will continue to pray for you until,you are completely well. I am sure we will now ALWAYS pray for you! God Bless you and keep you dear one! I hope to someday meet you😎 😇👮🤓🙏👍👶👶👶👴🐱😈🐝🦄🐔

Travis J Tindal, Sr. more than 3 years ago

Stay Strong in the Lord

I pray that you feel better everyday.

Amy Bliss Mason more than 3 years ago

Onward Christian Soldier!

So incredibly touched by you and your experience. I can relate in a small level and have had your back in prayer daily. Multiple times a day. Your testimony is one of true faith, perseverence and a strong conviction in Christ.

Leah Kilgore more than 3 years ago

Praise the Lord!!!

We all wore our bracelets and prayed for healing!!! God is so good!!!

Aimee King more than 3 years ago

Christian Cooper

Christian, I don't even know you but have prayed for your recovery for months as well as thousands of
people. God has a plan for you and it will be shown to you in time. I will continue to pray for your healing
and for your pain to lessen each day. You are blessed, Christian. Becky Gentry

Becky Gentry more than 3 years ago

All glory goes to GOD AMEN!!! I have been in a car fire as well and the road can be hard but keep on going

All glory goes to GOD!! AMEN so many prayers still going up I have been in a car fire and it is a tough road but you will do it

jennifer whittier more than 3 years ago


We cannot wait to give you a big (and gentle) hug!

cookie & gramps more than 3 years ago

Welcome home!

Praise God for His healing! Keep up the good work!

Martha Darden more than 3 years ago

Christian Cooper

Praying for your continued healing and recovery!!

Elisabeth more than 3 years ago