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Tom and Jim Lyle at Pioneer

I wanted to give praise to these two guys for all they did in Bluff Park through their efforts to make Pioneer a memorable place for me as a kid. I remember during the summer he would have a designated day every weekday to entertain the kids. Monday would be movie day and he would drive a bus and a van to the theatre for the latest kids movie out that month. Tuesday was ''Pig-out day'' and we would load up and go to the Galleria food court and to the candy store. Wednesday was Showbiz day (now Chuck E. Cheese), and we would eat pizza and be given 12 tokens to play games. Sometimes, we would go play touch football at the Fresh Air Farm up the street or go for a hike behind Simmons Middle School. It was always fun and the full arcade with pool table was fantastic. Jim would get on the loudspeaker and call out ''Time for kickball'' and we would all line up in a certain spot and Jim would help pick team captains to pick teams. Tom's voice was the best on the intercom, though. At the end of the day, he would announce your name to leave when your parents came to pick you up. Sometimes, we would get a good Rod Roddy impression from The Price Is Right and he would call your name and tell you to ''Come on down, its time to go". He made a putt putt course one year and built the coolest forts with mazes and hiding spots. Those guys are both great. I saw Tom one day a few years back when I was out front of my house cutting a tree up. He saw me and stopped. He smiled and shook my hand and I told him it was good to see him. He hadn't seen me in a while and the look on his face was surprised. I guess because here I am with a chainsaw in my hands and he only really knew me as a little boy. It was a cool moment and the last time I saw him alive. I'll miss ya'll. Rest in peace my friends.

brett more than 4 years ago