Readers’ opinions: Hoover needs immediate, transformative change in police, government



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Changes to city of Hoover

Changes to the city of Hoover of the kind "demanded" by an infinitesimally small number of Hoover residents are decided by VOTERS and TAXPAYERS.

Sherry Smith 92 days ago


Exactly right, hence my comment below (98.8% of Hoover residents' names aren't on the letter.) Make your voices heard Hoover folks or the infinitesimally small number of Hoover residents will decide for us.

Beau Bree 90 days ago

Hoover is Good!

Making the processes fair and good for ALL residents of Hoover. Color of ANY KIND should be the target of justice, but “justice for ALL”. Remember, most of us did not create the injustice in America. Those ppl are dead and gone. Most have learned from the past mistakes of our forefathers and refuse to be a part of that mentality. Do you not remember the news article from 5-6 years ago? From the reporter passing through on his way to New York? He said he drive through many areas of our city to find families of ALL cultures walking, talking, playing together in harmony in the front yards of our Hoover neighborhoods. That is the Hoover that I have been a part of for 40 years. Don’t let the pressures of an outside world try to convince you that Hoover is what they think it may be.

K Elrod 93 days ago

Thank you

You are part of the 98.8% I was referring to in my comment below.

Beau Bree 90 days ago

Hoover Belles

Get rid of the antebellum dresses. It’s 2020. No one should have to tell them this.

Inara Jones 93 days ago

Great news

This is terrific news. That means, 99.8% of Hoover residents' names aren't on this opinion letter.

Beau Bree 93 days ago

A better Hoover

I am glad to see that this is going to be part of our conversation here in town.

LOUISE (Lisa) BALAZS 94 days ago


In 2016 we voted in a council that has been nothing but transparent with citizens by making info easily accessible online. I'm hearing that only three of the 149 undersigned even reached out to the mayor, city administrator and council to discuss the issue before using the local paper to blast our elected leaders. This is not how things were done in my day, and I'm highly disappointed in the way the names on this list chose to voice their concerns. These men sacrifice time with their families to represent you. Show them some grace and mercy by speaking to them personally and not through a new story

longtime Hoover resident 95 days ago





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