Reader opinions: In-person graduation ceremonies pose risk to Hoover community



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Graduation Ceremony

Very intelligent alumni have spoken. The hospitals do not need to be overwhelmed because of a graduation when there are other ways to celebrate.

Kam Wiggins 125 days ago


This is a highly trained group of professionals, very well qualified to comment on a situation that are dealing with every day. They don't need to get their information from the New York Times or any other media source. And therer are 32 of them in agreement. That's pretty convincing!

Jane Klopfenstein 128 days ago

Absolutely agree

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community and for speaking up. The decision to hold these graduation ceremonies puts the whole community at risk. Cleraly the people who authorized it are uninformed about the risks of community transfer.

Dana Ellis 128 days ago

Parents Please Read the Above

You should not allow your kids (or yourself) to attend this potential viral overload event. It is dangerous and not worth attending, much less endangering lives.

D. Fowler 128 days ago


Anyone else see the irony of saying "We understand that graduates are being given KN95 masks, but without training on proper use, such masks only create a false sense of protection." ??? The city and school just declared them HS graduates, ready to go out in the world....but they can figure out how to use a mask.? Wow - guess that should have been on the final exam.

Rick Claypoole 128 days ago

actual medical sources

You must have missed the statement, "As healthcare providers we are on the front lines bearing witness to the human tragedies from COVID-19 every day." This is not something they read about in the media, it's the lived experience of professional with amazing scientific knowledge of their own.

Jane Klopfenstein 128 days ago

Additional alumni signing on to the message

Sara Hopper, CRNP, MSN, BSN, HHS Class of 2005
Leandra Barnes, MD, HHS Class of 2009
Kathleen Gunter, MSN, RN, CCRN-CMC, HHS Class of 2006
Jess Romeo, MSN, BSN, MSW, HHS Class of 2007
Katie McIntyre, PharmD, HHS Class of 2005

Bonnie Kaiser 129 days ago

Sources sited

Are you able to support those points with something other than NPR and The Nee York Times? Please provide medical stats from actual medical sources, not Media opinions.

Christopher Ritchey 129 days ago

Your Medical Sources

Just because you may not agree with where the information is cited from doesn’t make it any less valid because I can guarantee you probably have your own “preferred” news outlet. But in any’s some “ACTUAL medical sources” to get you started. Please take some time to look at these and see their additional reading list as well. And if you don’t want to take the time to look and educate yourself since the opinion of actual healthcare providers isn’t enough reference.

Alesia 129 days ago

Good grief...

Did you try taking a look at the footnotes? I know that objective material is hard to look at sometimes, but footnotes 2, 4, and 5 are from exactly the types of sources you requested.

AD Hamley 128 days ago

Cite:, Chris. -Mr. R

Joshua Rutsky 128 days ago

This isn't enough?

Do their literal years of experience in school and their respective professional domains not count?

Luke 128 days ago

Fox News

You need to stop watching Fox News.

D. Fowler 128 days ago

Sources *cited

Maybe you should actually read the sources... rather than just the headline or URL.

Michael Hamilton 128 days ago

Sources cited*

Wow! Feel sorry for you. Hope you realize how bad Covid is and is affecting everyone sooner rather then later.

mike michaels 128 days ago

Hear, hear!

Thank you for this well-informed and reasonable advice.

Joe Zellner 129 days ago

Way to go alumni!

Thank you for using, as you put it, the ability to "think critically, evaluate evidence and make informed decisions".

Matt Elliott 129 days ago





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