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Want my vote back

The wholesale ransacking of so much greenspace in Hoover during your brief tenure is appalling. With so much empty retail space all around Hwys 31 and 119, to allow a huge new shopping center directly across from the old Wynn Dixie shopping center, down the street from the STILL incomplete Grove, less than a mile from TWO new carwashes, less than a mile from the over-hyped-but-unwanted strip mall on Stadium Trace and Brocks Gap, and the recently approved monster development across from the Hoover Met.

I wish I'd never voted for you. I'll be there in the voting booth with many, many of those of us who are disgusted by your absurd and extremely short-sighted "non-urban planning". Is this the price Hoover residents have to pay because we didn't want to give up our school busses? Thanks for making beautiful Hoover into an ugly New Jersey suburb.

FIRE FRANK more than 2 years ago

Economic Developer

Let's hope the person who fills this position will attempt to recruit tenants to fill all of the empty spaces we have in our shopping centers in Patton Creek, The Grove, where Earth Fare was located on Hwy 150, several empty restaurant locations (former Outback, former Legacy BBQ, etc.), the Walmart plaza on Highway 150 and other empty spaces around the city. We certainly don't need any more structures built when we have so many empty spaces.

Meredith more than 2 years ago

Hoover Sun