Letter to the Editor: Preservation, not destruction, for the Artist on the Bluff



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Great letter, but a few suggestions

Great letter GG, but I do have a few suggestions based on some behind the scenes intel. The first has to do with the statement that the burden of financial responsibility should not fall on the board of education. That is exactly where the financial burden should fall because the board of education is the landlord, and artists on the bluff is the tenant. If the landlord was not happy with the agreement, they had the right to renegotiate at any time and should have met with the AotB board to strike a revised deal that would balance the books. Instead, the board of education tried to lease the building to the city and force the mayor to be the one to absorb the costs. Imagine if the center had 20, 25 or 30 artists each paying enough in rent to not only cover the utilities, but make strides toward the improvements needed to bring the building to code. All it takes is a conversation, and the since this has been on the board's agenda since June, there has been ample time to have one. Don't be fooled into thinking that the city is driving this bus, especially when you consider that there is a meeting Monday night to serve what I hear is a 30 day eviction notice. The landlord is in control of this deal and the landlord is the board of education.

SeeTheTruth more than 1 year ago

Businesses in neighborhoods

And that same landlord sold the valuable Old Berry property...where is Crossroads now? The "excuse" was that it was on the edge of town. Well so are Spain Park and Hoover HSs. I'm betting Old Berry was sold in part because of financial needs not met by the city. The city annexes land and approves new neighborhoods but they don't always think ahead on infrastructure issues (driven Valleydale lately?) From what I understand, our mayor and some council members ran their races talking about saving the character of and enhancing the appeal and services of neighborhoods. Bluff Park is a prime candidate for such attention, but upgrades and beautification efforts are crippled by strict and unbending codes.

Lyn Culwell more than 1 year ago

Hoover Sun