Reader Submission: From atheism to Christianity: Hoover woman finds new meaning this Christmas after conversion



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Wow! Reading your post was very refreshing. I normally don't make comments but felt led to respond to yours because it goes along with the experience other Christians have shared from their own personal encounters with Jesus. It is truly something one can only experience and those who have not cannot begin to understand how powerful it is.

Tonisia more than 3 years ago

More Details Would Be Nice

Collins' version of the ontological/teleological argument[s] suffer from the problem of infinite regress, to whit:

"Something as marvelous as existence needs something even more wonderful to create it"

...leaves us needing a more extraordinary creator for the creator and so forth. If the creator doesn't need a creator, neither then should existence itself.

More troubling though is the embarrassingly succinct: "In three days, Jesus lifted the veil from my eyes." ...which is not elaborated upon in the least.

Anybody who'd entertain the notion that Jesus interfered-- sorry, intervened in their life in ANY manner was by NO stretch of the imagination an "atheist"...

J. Gravelle more than 3 years ago

So true

Thank you for sharing your story! We can search for years with all knowledge to find answers to questions that The Holy Spirit can unveil our eyes to the truth in one moment. Turning our hearts to God changes EVERYTHING! When our eyes are unveiled, the confirmation of this within us is so strong that there is no room for questioning whether there is a God. All that within in you KNOWS that there is and it truly is a peace that can't be understood any other way. I have studied the OT words that people are commenting about....yes, they are hard to read and I totally understand why it would make you question, but I challenge you to talk to God in prayer about these questions instead of using your own head knowledge. His ways are higher than our ways...if he thought like we do, he wouldn't be God, nor would we need a God. He has a reason for everything that he does and none of us were living in OT times to truly understand any of the reasons. He is faithful, loving, and just...and I KNOW this without a doubt because I have had a relationship with Him for 30 years and I have trusted Him in the most horrible of circumstances and he has been faithful, loving, and just in ways that only God could have done. My prayer is that each person who reads Kara's article will also turn to God's son, Jesus, so that they too can know true peace.

M.H. more than 3 years ago

Mutual Respect

Hello to Hoover, Alabama from Whidbey Island, WA. I am an atheist. All my life, I have been insulted by religious believers for my atheism. (I am 71.) I have been told I was going to hell for having a black girl friend at 16 (I am a white Jew). I have been told my daughter was going to hell for coming out as a lesbian. I have close friends who were Christians. I am pretty sure I will die an atheist. There is no empirical evidence for the existence of God. It took me a long time to get over my resentment at Christian insults, but reluctantly I conclude one does not “win” by competing to be nastier. Is it nature or nurture that makes some of us religious believers and (an increasing number of humans) not believers? I think the bottom line is to treat each other with respect, whatever we believe. If you as a Christian treat me as an atheist with respect, I should do the same for you. I am sure there is no “God.” If there is, IT is all powerful and doesn't want us hating on each other. We are all going to die. In my opinion, that is the basic impetus of religious belief. I am quite sure once I die, there will be nothing. If you believe differently, I hope you find your belief comforting and inspiring. Have a good New Year, Hoover.

Stephen Kahn more than 3 years ago


Jesus didn't say follow Christians, he said follow Me. Religion is the single most damaging reason why people stay away from the church. We are most vulnerable when around the church family, and yes, Christians are people, too. We make mistakes, sometimes big ones. Don't let people be the roadblock to your relationship with Christ.

Shawn more than 3 years ago

What reasoning?

What reasoning did you find compelling for being an atheist, and why do you no longer feel that reasoning is compelling now?

calladus more than 3 years ago


No one are prefect especially on this earth I myself struggle each and everyday but I know my Father in heaven knows my heart .so I say this to you I'm Glad for you its really strange because I just start Reading. Creation or Evolution god bless you

Mary Hubbard more than 3 years ago

what a sweet story

I found this story very sweet, not being able to stop reading until the end. So we'll written. I felt I was on her journey. This is Kara's journey to faith. I am happy that Kara has found a path to where she has found happiness. A very sweet Christmas story. Thank you for sharing it Kara.

Rob more than 3 years ago


I was a Christian, until I studied the Bible. Now I'm an atheist, and I'm much happier knowing that I no longer have to justify to non-Christians the threats of Hell, the tacit support of slavery, the misogyny and all the horrors that God perpetrates in the Old Testament.
If Christians would only read the Bible, they would understand what a nasty god they support.

Ian Cooper more than 3 years ago

I had the same experience

I believed until I read the Bible. Once I started talking to other Atheists I realized it was exactly the type of story made up by bronze age middle eastern people. Jesus was tortured and killed so that God could forgive us? Why? God could have forgiven us without the need to for a sacrefice, but the Bible is full of animal sacrefice, human sacrefice. Yuck! I don't believe the lady in the story was a true Atheists, or that she has read the Bible.

Tavis Randolph more than 3 years ago


Putting things in perspective salvation is the most important thing in human life. 100 yrs is pretty much a maximum on this life and will pretty much end you life here on earth... If there is life after death and it will be the only hope for your future why take a stance of atheism ? Take time to read the scripture if only the 4 Gospels and make an educated evaluation of what you read, feel and what is revealed unto you... then pray and ask the Father in Heaven to fill you with the spirit of understanding and he will draw you to Jesus... If you still disagree then at least you did not take an uneducated stance on something that you did not understand.... I found Christ as a young man and went thru some periods of time that I did not act like a true Christian but God did not give up on me and brought me to my senses .. I loved reading of your coming to Jesus or it sounds like Jesus actually came to you... Having that blessed assurance is indescribable ...

garry more than 3 years ago

Praise the Lord!

Thanks for sharing your story. Believers understand at once what you are saying. Sadly, unbelievers do not and will ridicule, criticize and call the Bible myths. Thanks be to God our Father who opened our eyes to His wonders and His Son, Jesus Christ! All who believe and are baptized can freely partake of all that God has to offer believers. Continue studying His Word, praising Him and leaning on Him. God forces Himself on no one, but comes in when we invite Him in. I'm so glad that you did. Keep rejoicing!

Carol more than 3 years ago


I've heard and read many stories of people's conversion from theist to atheist, but never one for the reverse, so I was quite interested in your experience. I partially agree with a previous comment: I suspect that you were less an atheist and more a person who had simply not given much thought to religion one way or the other. Your having never read the bible suggests this.

Have you read much of the OT since your conversion? There are thoughts and actions ascribed to God that are, by anyone's standards, petulant, angry, vengeful, cruel, evil, spiteful and sociopathic. Christian bible study seems to focus on the more genteel NT, as if the ugly ("And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat..." "for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me") OT god simply stopped existing.

I'm glad you have found something that makes you feel happier. Whether it's true or not is another matter, but an irrelevant one, as happiness and peace of mind gained as we move through our lives ought to be valued and celebrated wherever it's found.

D Smith more than 3 years ago

Much happier?

"...but no matter how it happens, you will become a much happier person." I'm glad *you* are happier, but I think it's dishonest to promise that others will be, if only they convert to your faith. Anecdotally, the opposite happened for me; as a believer, I struggled for years with something like depression, but that disappeared when I became an atheist. But I would never promise that the same thing will occur for others.

Wil C. Fry more than 3 years ago

Proud to call you Sister in Christ

Kara thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so blessed to be able to not only call you friend, but also Sister in Christ. I am so happy you guys sat behind us that day in church. It was a total God thing. I look forward to seeing what The Lord has in store for you and your family. I pray blessings over you this wonderful Christmas Day.

Belinda more than 3 years ago

Never an atheist

The absence of belief doesn't mean you are an atheist, it just means that you are ignorant. An atheist investigates, understands and has reasons for choosing fact over the romance of myth. Its almost understandable for someone to choose believing in the existence of a creator but to swallow the nonsense which organized religion purveys is to be willfully ignorant. It is as impossible for an educated atheist to believe in God as it would be for any adult to believe in Santa Claus.

Gene O'Brien more than 3 years ago


Thanks for telling us about your experience. It was told in a way that one can empathically experience it, vicariously.

John more than 3 years ago