Whole Foods prepares to begin construction



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This is at the corner of Lorna Rd and Hwy 31 - Right next to the existing Pet Smart.

Lindsay more than 4 years ago

just a suggestion

I really enjoy your site. I'm new to Hoover and find a lot of value in the Hoover Sun. But it would be immensely helpful if your reporters would also please add the address of shopping centers, etc. whenever they report on them. It doesn't have to be much. Or maybe a link to a Google Map? This is the internet after all. Just that one little bit would take this article from "neat-o" to "extremely useful". I've asked three co-workers (all in Hoover) and they don't even know the "proper names" of the shopping centers. AL.com is bad about skipping this little detail too. Not sure why. At first I thought it was laziness, but maybe it's a newspaper "style guide" thing? Anyway, thanks and keep up the good work!

Dun Lap more than 4 years ago


I am new as well and have to Google all the shopping centers to find the context.

Mama of three seas more than 4 years ago

Shopping center/store locations

I strongly agree with Dun Lap. I'm NOT new to the area, but it's growing rapidly, and I just can't keep up with shopping center names. A physical address would be extremely helpful.

Carolyn Petty more than 4 years ago

Agree 100% - add map/address links

Couldn't agree more. Please add addresses or a link to mapsite to help your readers

DN more than 4 years ago

Hoover Sun