The price of fun: City officials weigh cost of repairs at Birchtree pool



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Pool Repairs

The city should view this in strictly financial terms, since the facility is leased to a private operator. The total cost of repairs should be determined based on a scope and estimate by one or more contractors. Those costs, including whatever money has already been spent, can then be amortized over a proposed lease period of 10 years. A new lease agreement can then be offered to the private operators with the stipulation that any resident of the City is eligible to be a member of the pool/club. If the lease is accepted, then the city will have at least one outdoor pool. If the lease terms are rejected,then the City should walk away and spent the money at the Hoover Rec. center.

Patrick Perkins 332 days ago

More to the story

My wife and I are Birchtree members and we were told by two members of the board that the city does not own the pool in a meeting that occurred in early July. The meeting was with Allan Rice and the city's attorneys who told the board that the city council never voted to approve the lease agreement back when it was drafted. I'm not sure why this was not included in the story, but it really changes the narrative. I'm not angry with the current mayor and council, and I'm grateful for the work they did on a property that is not theirs to maintain. What I want are answers from the pool board and former Mayor Skinner as to why a bogus deal was drafted 20+ years ago when the pool could have been making improvements for years to avoid the situation they are in now. Hopefully, Jon or someone with the Sun will do a follow-up to report the rest of the story.

Jay Mays 333 days ago

Follow-up story

We at the Hoover Sun are working on a follow-up story now. When this story was published, neither officials with the city nor the Birchtree board disclosed that the city's position concerning who owns the pool had changed.

Jon Anderson 330 days ago

City DOES NOT own the pool

This article is inaccurate. Per a Birchtree Pool board member, city administration met with members of the board on July 9th at city hall. The city attorney told the city council never voted to accept the deed for the property, which makes the agreement make by Mayor Skinner null and void because the mayor does not have the authority to make such a deal. The true owner of the property is the pool board, and any improvements would need to be made by the board. I'm not sure when this article was originally written, but a call should be made to Mr. Yaeger and Allan Rice because this story is completely off base.

Dr. Brown 334 days ago

Pool at Birchtree

This city needs AT LEAST one outdoor pool!! Tear it up and rebuild!!

Jill K 338 days ago

Birchtree pool

What does the city propose to do with the facility they own if they don’t make the repairs? Will they close it and let it become an eyesore?

K. Kolb 338 days ago

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