Smith family farm in Bluff Park auctions for $3.1 million



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Hoover should not be in the real estate businessuy property like this

i was astounded to read Hoover tried to buy this property, because the City should not be in the real estate business. Leave real estate transactions like the sale of this property to the private sector. Just because a large property is beautifully pastoral doe not mean the City should buy it. The City has more pressing ways to use its money, and it should focus on meeting its needs as opposed to trying to satisfy all of its "wants."

Barry V. frederick 152 days ago

Park land is a need.

There is nothing wrong with a city trying to purchase scenic land for preservation as a park or public gathering place. That is a public need.

Tyler 141 days ago

1 story houses would be great!

There are a number of us “55+” who are looking for smaller 1 story houses to retire to!!!! Would be lovely to have a street of homes (European cottage style)and we would not effect school overcrowding! Just saying!

Margaret 152 days ago