Records indicate sales dip at Galleria campus in 2018



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Let’s keep the boycott going

Since it’s having no effect anyway...

Emily more than 1 year ago

Lack of context...

I would like to know what the national average for shopping malls like the galleria were like for the holidays this past year. It would be interesting to see if the national trend was down, and by the same amount as it was for the Galleria. If so, then no reasonable person could assume that the protests had anything to do with a dip in sales. This is why context is so important.

Side note: They are right about not being able to accurately calculate gross sales from reported sales tax. Things like gift cards, which are big sellers during the holidays, are tax exempt. While what the gift card is being used to purchase is taxable, those purchases are usually made after the holidays, so the sales tax would not be reported until the next year.

Jpo84 more than 1 year ago

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