Police-shooting protesters spray-paint, burn U.S. flags at Hoover City Hall



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Flag burning

So disheartening to see these protesters have a complete lack of respect for America. America is not the problem, it’s individuals and circumstances that are the problem. An innocent man shouldn’t have been killed and hopefully police actions will be thoroughly examined to determine if something can be learned from what happened. This idea that police in general are either out to get all African Americans or that they lack concern for all African Americans only creates more hatred and fuels a general disrespect for the majority of officers who do their job carefully, with heart and with courage.
Generalisation are dangerous and burning the American Flag to protest a terrible tragedy won’t help. It only increases the divide between ‘us’ and ‘them.. The protestors need to stop and think of the many benefits afforded them by living in
our imperfect America. This is a situation where it would have been better to take a step back, take a deep breath and ask themselves, “What good will I accomplish by burning the flag out of anger?”. NOTHING ! What might be a more productive? Using shock to demonstrate hate only creates more hate and takes little effort. Actually finding a way to use the situation to make a positive difference-now that takes work!

Rose Kessing 351 days ago

Hoover Sun