Police shooting protesters hold vigil, 'die-in' at Riverchase Galleria



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The whole thing is ludicrous

Really? They want to take down the mall AND the whole city of Hoover??? That's a positive way to "make things better"..... let's tear down the city. The whole idea of what they are trying to accomplish is asinine & classless. The mall didn't do anything wrong... they are there for their renters who pay a ton of money for rent. The businesses shouldn't have to suffer just because you're not happy with something. The whole situation is out of control IMO.

Raymond B 287 days ago

Galleria protests

I shopped at the Galleria for the first time in 9 months to support the stores and their employees.

J. Sutton 287 days ago

Me too

Myself and my family will also continue to support Hoover and Riverchase Galleria and the HPD.

Hoover Resident 289 days ago


I will support the Galleria and city of Hoover more than ever! I love Hoover and we have one of the best police departments in the country.

HooverForever 289 days ago