Nearly 1,000 gather at Hoover City Hall to protest police brutality, racism



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Stand strong Hoover PD

Keep up the good work Hoover PD. Non peaceful protests WILL NOT be allowed and the residents of Hoover have heard enough of the crying and whining.

Captain 100 days ago

Not in Hoover

First, I could understand they're protesting if systemic police racism existed in Hoover. It doesn't so go spend the energy somewhere else.
Second, for the teenage girl who feels safe walking down her street alone, go walking alone in some street in Bessemer or the east side of Birmingham and see if you feel safe. If not, go protest there and then I'll take your opinion seriously.

Beau Bree 106 days ago

Not in Hoover

The above comment is right on. All the protesters are doing is hurting their cause. All the are doing is making law abiding residents angry and resentful. If you break the law expect to be held accountable.

Dave 105 days ago

Hoover Sun