Hoover zoning board recommends approval for Stadium Trace Village plan



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This shopping center is ablsolutely unwanted!

Why another shopping development? Doesn't Hoover have enough vacant retail space?

Terri more than 2 years ago


I agree with Bob W. More retail, more medical, another grocery store? I think we have enough of those in the area already. The Grove is not even bustling or full. 150 will become the new 280, a gridlock of traffic if they keep this up. Heck my parents live along 459 and we can see bumper to bumper traffic at rush hour from folks trying to exit off 150. But no the city of fine with destroying nature for senseless development.

Jake more than 2 years ago

More Chaos

First, really glad my kids have aged out of Hoover schools. With all the new houses being built the overcrowding is beyond ridiculous. When you have portable classrooms at a K-4 DVES that says all you need to know.

As for this development, it will worsen traffic to the point where people will avoid the area all together. Hoover can't support more retail. Just look at Patton Creek. If you start at Baumhower's and work around just about every storefront is empty until you get to the Bama/Auburn store. And look at the lower level across from Panera. EVERY store is empty, save for I think a ScottTrade office. The Grove would have no traffic save for Chick-Fil-A and Beef's and now The Boot. Target is slow and they never built the Lowe's that was promised. And the former Winn Dixie sits complete empty across the street from this mess. And has anyone ever shopped at the new Field and Stream store behind Rooms to Go? Every time I drive by there, even on Saturday coming back from Costco, there's maybe 20 cars in the lot.

All City "Leaders" see are potential tax dollar signs so they can build more houses and continue to overcrowd schools. Most people I've talked with - and it's a lot - either are adamant about not wanting this development or are apathetic to it. It'll be popular for about 6 months, then will start to die out.

But tone deaf city leaders will be on to the next project.

Bob W. more than 2 years ago

Shopping dev. On 150/Stadium Trace

How many more health food groceries do you think Hoover can support? T he G rove isn't. Even full yet or built out. At sout h shades and Morgan Road, we desperately need the intersection widened, turbulent nignals and turn lanes to help work traffic. The same will have to be done if Stadium trace is extended. P.s. Neighbors do not want a service station on the corner of Morgan Road and S. Shadess. How about a. Church or senior living or a restrauant.pat

Pat davis more than 2 years ago

Stadium Trace Parkway - Extended

Really think Hoover should take a hard look at extending Stadium Trace Pkwy all the way through Wilburn/Blackridge to Morgan Rd/52 as a 4 or 5 lane road. Work with other cities to get ahead of the traffic issues. Traffic on S. Shades Crest is terrible and now with this development along with the 1000+ houses in the area, people need multiple ways in and out or this will turn into a nightmare. Another example would be connecting Flemming Pkwy (road in front of Bumpus MS) to Ruffin Rd (Helena Sports Complex). Look on Google Maps, it makes sense. Find a way to figure it out as well protect the Cahaba River in the process.

S. Dogood more than 2 years ago

Traffic Flow

Once again the city is short sided regarding traffic flow into the shopping center. The traffic flow from 150 will over tax the short left turn into the shopping center. It will end up causing intersection blocking by drivers that need to be first instead of obeying traffic signals. Same issue face the Galleria and Costco when using the Galleria Blvd in either direction. The 150 can't handle any more traffic. We don't need more, shopping and commercial space. There are empty buildings all around Hoover

Dave Taylor more than 2 years ago