Hoover zoning board recommends approval for grocery store zoning on South Shades Crest



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Good Grief People!

A grocery store at this intersection will likely REDUCE traffic in the vicinity. THINK about it.

Furthermore, do you think this PUBLIX store will spring up overnight? Had you done the slightest bit of research, you would have known that it is too large for a WM Neighborhood Market and too small for a WM store.

And, the developer plans intersection improvements in addition to the widening of Morgan Road that will start soon.

Yes, traffic is bad there during rush hours but the widening and improvements will help.

What would help more is the extension of Stadium Trace Parkway to Highway 52, the widening of STP near 150 and better access to 459 at that point. BUT, allowing the Aldi shopping center may have prevented same as it took most of the available real estate.

G Ettinu 241 days ago

Fire protection

Will Hoover finally build a fire station on this side of Hwy 150 if this goes through?

M. Scott 258 days ago

Fire Protection?

Not sure what a couple of new stores have to do with triggering a new fire station. But, since Hoover has a mutual aid agreement with Helena now (and Helena has two stations near this intersection), I am guessing the "proposed" fire station might have lost a lot of momentum. Not saying it wouldn't be nice but I will be surprised if it does. Oddly, this very property was under consideration several years ago as a site for a new Hoover fire station, if I recall correctly. Plus, the mayor seems more bent on interchanges and not hurting people's feelings than taking care of immediate needs!

G Ettinu 241 days ago

SSC Grocery Store

Please do something about the traffic before making matters worse. SSC crest traffic is horrible in both directions, especially during rush hours. Can be backed up for miles. The Morgan road traffic is no better. Please reconsider.

Vonnie Fancher 274 days ago

Grocery store on S.Shades and Morgan Road? NO, NO NO!

we do not want another Walmart nor do we need one!

P Davis 282 days ago

S. Shades-Morgan Road

A doctors office, a bakery-sandwich shop with a small park, No Dollar Generals, Family Dollars, etc and no groceries. A lot of major traffic improvement needs to be done to that intersection before anything is put there. Please understand that I live in a residential area very near there. Trash is a problem and will get worse. Also traffic is horrific. We already have a grocery three miles away in one direction and seven miles in another two directions.

Pat Davis 280 days ago

Hoover Sun