Hoover road projects on track

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hwy 31

The hwy 31 project was supposed to happen last year. GET ON IT!

hooverman more than 6 years ago

South Shades Crest

Would be interested in know of any projects that will improve things for residents in the South Shades Crest area. We have heard about a possible new exit, and maybe a bypass to Brocks Gap from Hwy-52. Any news on these or other projects?

Shades Crest Resident more than 6 years ago

Patton Chapel Road Project

The widening of Patton Chapel Road project has become a complete joke. There has essentially been nothing accomplished in the last two months. We ride by on a beautiful day and not one worker in sight (like this past Monday). It’s like they work this job when they can’t work anywhere else. Then maybe two days a week you will see 2 men working and seven men watching (like today). This is a perfect example of how Government works - Barely and very slowly.

Hoover Al more than 6 years ago