Hoover Mayor Gary Ivey officially kicks off 2016 re-election campaign



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Ivey is NOT the man for the job.

Ivey is never at City Hall. He runs a car dealership and takes an over 100K salary for being Hoover Mayor. It is sickening! He did not attend any of the Hoover School rezoning meetings. It is all about power to him. The people backing Ivey are just the same old establishment crowd. Hoover needs a change! I am voting for Frank Brocato. He can be trusted. He has proven himself as a servant leader.

Hoover Resident for over 20 Years more than 3 years ago

Supports schools?

This comment made me laugh: "touted the city’s investments in education."
Because of his actions (or non-actions) during the school bus transportation issue Mr. Fulton references, I decided then that I would not vote for Mayor Ivey for another term. He has continued to show little regard for the school system.

Hoover resident more than 3 years ago

Support Mayor Ivey

Mayor Ivey is an effective leader. We continue to grow and see wise development and use of tax revenue. Don't believe the huff and puff response below.

Happy with my City more than 3 years ago

The Facts

Please see page 39 of PDF file.https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4AcB2X6GY82WWFWdjNnNDk5VjQ/view?usp=docslist_api
Chief Derzis wanted 20 new patrol officers. Ivey provided 10.
Less than 2% of city expenditures provided to Hoover City Schools.
Ivey made no effort to save the Hoover buses. Ivey saw no problem with ending school transportation.
Watch the "spin and grin". The Ivey campaign has big money . Vote and vote wisely!

Dan Fulton more than 3 years ago